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Waste Transfer Station Approved with Conditions



Disclaimer: Research and interviews for this blog post were undertaken on my own initiative.  The views, and opinions expressed are my own and not those of any outlet I represent. 

Milton Council has approved a Waste Transfer Station to be located at 281 Alliance Road.  The decision was revealed at a public meeting on August 7, 2013 of area landowners, and residents.

The development brought forward by Victoria Hill Finance Group is going to see a waste transfer station placed on the south portion of 281 Alliance Road, operated next to with a concrete batching plant.  The station is for the transfer of construction waste.  The site’s current building is to be converted for proper use including office space, and a “tipping floor.”   Initially, Town staff recommended the proposal saying it matched area land uses and zoning.

On September 17, 2012 the Town’s Planning and Administrative Committee voted to deny permission to proceed.  One week later when Milton Council unanimously voted to back up their recommendation adding that they would fight the appeal at the Ontario Municipal Board (O.M.B).

The reversal came following an “in-camera” Council meeting.  This type of meeting is allowed under section 239 of the Ontario Municipal Act (O.M.A), which permits an exception for matters of litigation. “Negotiations have to be done on a confidential basis,” Lawyer Hal Watson said on behalf of the Town.  Because Victoria Hill was appealing to the O.M.B. this was considered a matter of litigation.

The Public Meeting on August 7 was to go over details of the settlement reached with Victoria Hill. The agreement includes placing a “holding designation” over the development conditional upon a “certificate of approval” from the Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.). This is required for businesses looking to release contaminants into the atmosphere.   If this isn’t granted, then there will be no waste transfer station.

Waste Transfer Station Opposition:

Public opposition is building against the project.  Signs saying “No Dump for Old Milton” are popping up along Martin St.  There’s a Facebook page: No Dump For Old Milton inviting concerned citizens to “join our crusade, and say no to the transfer station.”  At last check the page had 178 “likes.”  Landowners on the north side of Steeles  also oppose the project.  Attempts to contact their legal representative for this article have so far been unsuccessful.

The settlement between the Town, and Victoria Hill goes before the O.M.B. October 21, 2013 for their approval.


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