Municipal Results Reaction

Here is your Town Council, and trustees for the 2014-2018 term:

Regional Chair: Gary Carr has been returned to office.  Stability for one of the fastest growing regions in the province isn’t a bad thing.

Regional& Local Councillor Wards ,1,6,7&8: No surprise Mike Cluett takes the seat.  He’s been working steadily since January, and even put his name up for the nomination when it became vacant.  Constituents in these wards will be well-represented and Milton gets another strong voice on Regional Council

Regional& Local Councillor Wards 2,3,4,5:  Colin Best. Nobody ever saw his opponent, and evidence of this is seen in the whopping 95% of the vote he garnered.  He will be a second strong voice on Regional council.

Mayor: Gord Krantz maintains his strangle hold on the office with 75% of the vote.  The lack of endorsement from the Toronto Star didn’t harm him at all.  The baton for Ontario’s longest-serving Mayor will pass to him by the end of this term; but it’s setting up to be a tough one.  The Pan-am games happen next year, with the velodrome’s use post-games still causing controversy.  The “Local share” of the hospital will be coming due with some concerns over how to raise it being raised already.  Add to this a likely University campus, and it could be an extremely busy term.

Ward 1: The only surprise here is the margin.  Robert Duvall won by 14 votes over his opponents in what was a well-fought three way race.  Big issues coming up in ward 1 are Derry Green Park, set to be complete by 2021, and expansion as the next phase of development moves through council.

Ward 2: Mike Boughton’s return to council is a reflection of a seven-candidate race.  He represent a return to the tried, trusted &true, but will it be enough? Downtown Milton is set for big changes with a proposed condo development for Mill St, and intensification starting to take shape.  Also we may see the long fought-over redevelopment of Milton Heights come to fruition.  This could be a completely different-looking ward in 4 years.

Ward 3: Cindy Lunau is now the only woman on council.  Speaking with voters out there, and people are content with her leadership, and voice on council.  They saw no need to change.

Ward 4: Rick Malboeuf returns to council with 57% of the vote, a reflection that in the end nobody wanted much change.  Fiscally Conservative, he remains a sort of council conscience advising against unnecessary spending- a lone voice against the velodrome.

Ward 5: With just under 40% of the vote (39.89 to be exact) Arnold Huffman is another returnee to Milton Council.  That number becomes important when you consider nearly 60% didn’t vote for him.  It could be a lot of things including the fact it was five-way race, or that Steve Green, and Mike Bugala were splitting the votes.  Or it could also be Mike Bugala’s much-debated ad targeting Huffman in the Milton Villager magazine.  It also serves as a signal many voters in ward 5 are unhappy with him, something he’d do well to remember for the next four years.

Ward 6:  A surprise: John Pollard takes the seat with just over 32% of the vote.  He’s one of two brand-new faces on Milton Council.  A late entry, and also new to Milton itself he  has one of the steepest learning curves.  It’ll be interesting to see what he does with it.

Ward 7:  Rick Di Lorenzo is one of the most well-liked, well-respected people in Milton.  It’s no surprise he won with 65% of the vote.  Big issues in ward 7 this term include growth, and the redevelopment of Milton District Hospital.

Ward 8: Zeeshan Hamid returns with 43% of the ward.  The one potential knock against him is that he’s also running for the Liberal Party of Canada’s nomination for the new Milton riding. If he wins that, and the coming federal election he could only be in the Ward 8 seat for one year.  Issues here include expansion as Sherwood survey is built out, and the Milton Education Village; a proposed 400 acre complex including a university campus, and research park.


Halton District School Board Wards 2,3,4&5: Donna Danielli takes re-election with 89% of the vote over her opponent.  She’s been working as a trustee since 2006, and has built a reputation as having a strong voice, and students’ interests at heart.

HDSB Wards 1,6,7&8: Kim Graves wins with 57.74% of the vote.  She’s been doing the job since Nancy MacNeil  left Milton and the office was left open.  She’ll complement Danielli well.

Note: The Catholic trustee for the  Halton District School Board was acclaimed.


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