Ward 6: Development

Disclaimer: This blog entry is copyright Laura Steiner, 2014.  It is not to be reproduced without my permission.  Views expressed are completely my own, and do not reflect any outlet or party I represent.

Right now housing/development stops at Louis St. Laurent in this ward.  The next five years are expected to bring houses south of LSL in what’s known as the Boyne Survey down as far as the north side of Britannia Road.

Development brings with it a set of difficulties: traffic patterns change, infrastructure such as roads, schools, water, hydro, and transit  need to be expanded, and upgraded.   Managing the growth, and figuring out how to afford it and integrating it with what’s there is set to be a huge challenge for the next councillor. This is an open seat, so voters here are getting a new councillor.  Consider how a candidate will handle negotiating all of the growth challenges, and balance them with what the constituents want; it’s tougher than it looks.


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