Ward 6 Profile


Ward 6

Boundaries:  Fourth Line, Thompson Road South, Derry Rd, Britannia Rd.

Main Roads: Fourth Line, Louis St. Laurent, Derry, Thompson

Candidates (Final list): Alex Anabusi, Kashif Abrar, Rubina Ali, Malcolm Kelly, and John Pollard

Councillor: Mike Cluett.  Cluett is running for Regional& Local Councillor in wards 1,6,7, and 8 in this election.


Development: Everything south of Louis St. Laurent is undeveloped.  As subdivisions are approved the pressure will be to make sure it’s done as responsibly as possible.

Dumping: Illegal dumping:  People leaving their garbage along Louis St. Laurent is a problem.

Communication: Mike Cluett has done a great job of communicating with his constituents.  Between Twitter, Facebook, email, and phone he’s always available.   He leaves big shoes to fill on this front.

To view a better map head to the website and click the ward map link.  The map is in a PDF format.


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