Ward 5: Milton Mall

As a shopping destination, Milton Mall isn’t the draw it once was.  Units sit empty, few people come in.  With retail if you don’t get the customers, you don’t make money.  Recent roadwork dealing with the underpass along Main St hasn’t helped matters. Businesses close taking valuable jobs with them.

How do you do reverse the trend? Raising awareness that it’s there is part of it.  A lot of people who live in the newer parts of town aren’t aware of it. Mall management do a great job of trying to bring events, and festivals in, using the building as a venue. Besides the jobs, there are a lot of Seniors in the area so keeping a mall/ shopping complex that’s easy to walk to would be helpful; you either have to walk downtown or across Main to the Superstore complex at Main & Thompson.  A healthy mall leads to a healthy area.  The mall is part of the Urban Growth area.  Town documents on Intensification indicate a strong possibility for short-term redevelopment.  The question of the election: What do you want t it to look like?

To learn more about Intensification head over to the Town’s website.


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