Ward 5 Profile

Ward 5 Map

Ward 5 Map

Boundaries: CP Rail Line, Derry Road, Ontario St, and Cedar Hedge Rd.

Main Roads: Ontario St, Thompson Rd, Cedar Hedge, and Derry Rd

Councillor: Arnold Huffman

Candidates as of September 3, 2014: Mohammad Yasin, Steve Green, and Mike Bugala

Issues: Employment

Balance: Timberlea is over 30 years old combined with parts of the ward that are barely 10-15 years old.  Different areas, different concerns.

Communication:  Talking with some of my fellow ward 5 residents, and a lot  don’t know who the current councillor is.

Allendale: The regionally-run Nursing home forms the south end of Milton’s Urban Growth Centre (UGC).  There are plans for some site work at Allendale as part of this process.  Councillor Colin Best is working on getting a public meeting together.  

Note: The three digit numbers on the map refer to polling locations.  For more information visit this link, and click the “Where do I vote?”.  This map came from the “Ward Map” section on the town of Milton’s website. 


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