Milton Transit and Ward 4

Rick Malboeuf has been raising some serious questions about Milton Transit and its ridership numbers.  By his own admission, he’s spent 50 hours at Milton Go Station counting passengers even following buses at times.  He is known as the councillor who got a bus reallocated from his own ward with lower ridership numbers, to a route going across Scott Blvd.  Malboeuf also sits on the town’s transit committee. That  committee recently voted to recommend an independent audit backed by the director of Public Works and Engineering.  The recommendation was shot down by council, with some citing the price tag of $31 thousand as the reason.  There is a certain logic there; nobody wants to spend 31 thousand when they don’t have to. This being an election year everyone wants to appear more cost conscience.  What makes this interesting is the request for an audit comes from the committee. And Rick Malboeuf is being supported by Ward 6 councillor Mike Cluett. Malboeuf says $31 thousand is a small amount to prove him wrong.

There were periods in the 1990’s where it seemed as if Milton had no transit to speak of.  The transit system as it is right started from next to nothing in 2004.  Of course it’s going to go through growing pains as it struggles to catch up with the growth. More information on this can be seen by visiting the Hawthorne Village Message Board.


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