Candidate Round-Up: March 28-July 21

Who’s running, who’s dropped out? Read on for the answers.


Gord Krantz: Krantz registered on April 11, making him the first candidate for Mayor.  He only needs another two years to break Hazel McCallion’s record and become the longest-serving Mayor.

Regional Chair: Joining Gary Carr on the ballot in October we have:

Syed Naqvi: Naqvi is a resident of Oakville.  Email him questions at:

Greg Woodruff: Woodruff is a long-time resident of Burlington Ontario.  He owns his own business: Comexton Corporation building management and e-commerce applications for other businesses.  To find out more about Greg including his platform visit his website.

Regional Councillor: Wards 1,6,7,& 8: No new candidates added

Regional Councillor: Wards 2,3,4& 5: No new candidates adde

Ward 1: Joining Rob Duvall, and Karin Tomsky-Chambers we have:

Sharon Barkley: Sharon is the current councillor for Ward 1.  For more information on Sharon visit her website.

Danielle Masanto: Danielle has a passion for politics, and owns her own business: Kip tutoring.  To learn about her, and her platform visit her website

Ward 2: Joining Jennifer Smith, and Ian Thompson we have:

Scott Prior: Scott is a long-time Milton resident, and real estate agent.  Contact Scott with any questions via email:

Joe Yaworski: Joe has lived in Milton for the last 40 years, and is an avid community volunteer currently sitting on the committee for adjustment.  To find out more about Joe visit his website

John Bouwers: Bouwers’ slogan is: “Let’s build our town from the center.”  Connect with him on twitter by following @W2Bouwers4U

Mike Boughton: Boughton owns Mike’s Barber Shop on Main St, and has previous experience serving on Milton Council.  He spoke for appointment in  January to the seat vacated by Tony Lambert.  Learn more about Mike by visiting his website. 

Note: Current Ward 2 Councillor Greg Nelson has withdrawn his nomination. 

Ward 3: No change

Ward 4: No Change

Ward 5: 

Mohammad Yasin: Yasin owns Al-Amin Halal Meat and Grocery located across the street from the Loblaws complex.

Steve Green: Green is seeking his first term in office.  To find out more, visit his website.

Ward 6: Joining Alex Anabusi, Kashif Abrar, and Faisal Khan we have:

Rubina Ali: Rubina’s platform includes ensuring accessible parks, and making sure Ward 6 residents have affordable public transit.  To learn more about Rubina visit her website

Malcolm Kelly: Malcolm filed his candidacy early last month.  Email him questions at:


Ward 7: Joining Rick Di Lorenzo on the ballot we have:

Iram Amjad: Iram has lived in Milton for four years.  She teaches at The Montesorri School of Milton.  To learn more visit her website

Winston Dawes: Contact Winston with any questions at:


Ward 8: Joining Zeeshan Hamid, and Asad Naqvi on the ballot we have:

Nimmi Singh: Nimmi filed for candidacy on April 30, 2014.  Email them questions at:


Halton District School Board (HDSB)  Public  School Trustee-  Wards  2,3,4,& 5: No change

HDSB Public School Trustee- Wards 1,6,7&8: No candidates added

Trustee: Halton District Catholic School Board wards 1,6,7&8: No candidates added

French Public Trustee:

Pierre Girouard: Contact Pierre with questions at:


French Catholic School Trustee (Conseil Scolaire de District Catholique Sud)

Dominique Janssens: Contact Dominique through her website, or email her at:




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