Liberal Party Platform breakdown

Title: Kathleen Wynne’s Plan for Ontario or: Charles Sousa’s 2014 provincial budget

Halton Candidate: Indira Naidoo-Harris


  • $29.4 billion in Transit spending
  • Implementation of a Provincial pension plan beginning in 2017
  • $1 billion for the Ring-Of Fire
  • Building 2 post-secondary campuses
  • Approximately $11 billion for new schools- directly relatable to Milton.
  • Increase funding to Mental Health and Addictions Strategy
  • Continuation of the 30% off tuition Grant, and the “Experience Ontario Program”

What I like about it:

  • The increased funding for Mental Health, and addictions.  Nobody sees mental health problems, and they’re often ignored.  Credit to the Liberals, and P.C.’s for including a clause in their platforms; at the very least this should raise awareness.
  • 2 Post-secondary campuses: Sources tell me Milton’s on a short list for a Laurier campus. Imagine being able to go all the way through school without leaving Milton? Pretty neat.
  • Continuation of the tuition grant: It costs enough to go through post-secondary these days.  It’s a good idea to keep it in place.
  • Experience Ontario Program: a nine-month work-study program for high-school students.  A great idea for teens to build confidence, and figure out the eternal question of: “What am I going to do with my life?”


1. How would the pension plan work for self-employed?

2. Milton is the host for the cycling events for the Pan-Am Games, and is fastest-growing community in the country.  Why isn’t it mentioned in the transit section of the platform?

3.  The Liberals plan to establish the pension fund containing a deduction for the employer, and employee while raising the minimum wage.  For a lot of small businesses, that’s a lot of money.  What happens if they have to cut jobs in order to meet these financial obligations?

4. Why stop at Math scores? Why not look at tweaking the entire curriculum? (a weakness of the other major parties as well)

5. What do you plan to do about the physiotherapy situation in Private Retirement homes? It was taken out after someone found out a few of the companies providing the service were double-billing OHIP.  Nothing’s been done about it yet.

Kathleen Wynne remains Premier on this platform if…

  • She makes it a personality contest.  I’ve met her, and she’s a genuine person with a positive energy who comes across much better than Tim Hudak, and Andrea Horwath.
  • She wins a majority: This is for keeps.  Her one, and likely only chance to break out from under McGunity’s shadow.  A minority government means having to bargain with the opposition and it’s hard to see her coming out and the positive side of a bargain right now with all the scandals chasing her.  Besides, there will be knives out for her if it’s not a majority government.
  • She tweaks this budget when she wins her mandate

Kathleen Wynne loses if…

  • She fails to address her role in the Gas Plants Scandal.  Regardless of whether she knew of the emails or not (still giving her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t), her name is all over the documents, and she was campaign co-chair.  If she doesn’t acknowledge those facts she’s no longer Premier.
  •  NDP Leader Andrea Horwath continues using the words “corrupt”, and  “corruption,” or the expression “penalty box” as she describes the Liberals.  And she reminds us of all the scandals.
  • She refuses to alter the budget.  The Liberals are planning to put $29.4 billion into transit, $11.4 billion into hospital expansion,  and  $1 billion into the Ring Of Fire.  At the same time  they want to balance the budget by 2017/2018 (which includes the $14 billion deficit) at the same time?? Where does the money come from?  There’s only one taxpayer.
  • She doesn’t clear up her message.  Some days it seems she wants to distance herself from McGuinty, other days she’s proud of what they’ve achieved.  Which is it? I think McGuinty could be a poisonous influence for the Liberals given the allegations against his chief of staff.   It would be smarter to try and separate from him as much as possible.

To read the Liberals’ Platform please visit their website.  To learn more about Halton Liberal Candidate Indira Naidoo-Harris visit her website



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3 responses to “Liberal Party Platform breakdown

  1. Robot

    If someone chooses to be self employed, they ought to be planning out their own retirement savings. All people who went into Journalism know that it’s not an industry that is reliable day to day for work unless the individual works at it constantly.

    As I was in the same boat, and kept pushing to keep up writing, I have a hard time accepting any other writer who thinks they deserve a pension just because they stay at home writing and hoping someone offers them work. The best plan these days is to rely on yourself, not on the government or someone pitching you money when you retire.

    • cdnjournalist

      This is true. But I think if you’re going to sell a pension plan as “taking care of all Ontarians,” don’t self-employed people count?

      • Robot

        Are these self-employed people putting in regular tax contributions like people employed by companies? What’s to stop them from working a few days a year, or only making a small amount of money, and then expecting the same pension as people who put in 30+ years of daily work? There’s got to be some standards set to say what qualifies self-employed work for a penson.

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