NDP Platform breakdown

Party: New Democratic Party (NDP)

Platform title: “A Plan that Matters… ” Or: The 2014 Liberal budget

Candidate: Nik Spohr

Highlights: If elected, an NDP Government will

  • Take HST off Hydro to make it more affordable
  • Freeze Tuition for post-secondary students
  • Cut E.R. Wait times in half by opening more 24 hour clinics, and allow more Nurse Practitioners to work in Emergency Rooms
  • Reduce insurance by 15%
  • Give businesses that create jobs a job creation tax credit
  • Build 60km of new highway every year

What I like:

  • The increased use of Nurse Practitioners in the E.R.
  • The Caregiver tax credit
  • A delay in implementing the Liberals’ Pension Plan.  With a likely shift to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals federally this makes sense.


1. A huge portion of this plan is only spelled out for the first two years of the mandate.  What’s going to happen in years 3, and 4?

2. Doesn’t creating two additional ministries run counter to saving money?

3. How does building 60km of additional roadway/ year lead to better transit for cities?

4. How can you tell if auto insurance rates are actually declining, or insurance companies inflated them to make it look that way?

Horwath wins if…

The only way I see an NDP government happening is if the Liberals win a minority mandate and Kathleen Wynne is forced to resign as party leader.  Even then, it’ll be heavily influenced by the P.C’s.  This platform is low on ideas, and vision.  I’m used to an NDP that makes me say “great idea, now how do we afford it?” And passing the bulk of Liberals’ budget doesn’t cut it with me.  As a matter of fact it leads to the question of why she even voted against it in the first place.  It would take an incredible collapse on Tim Hudak’s part for her to win.

Horwath loses if…

The Green Party gets it together and takes a few seats.  It could happen because I don’t think this platform is enough for the left flank of the party to support it.

To learn more about the NDP’s platform visit their website.  To learn more  about their candidate Nik Spohr visit his website. 


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