Provincial Election Truths

As we begin this election there’s a few things for everyone to consider as they decide who they want to govern Ontario.

1. Gas Plants: All three parties promised to get rid of them.  If the PC’s or N.D.P. were governing right now it would be a lot easier to sidestep the controversy by blaming the old regime.  What makes it look bad on the Liberals is that there were 6 seats at play at the time, and they were losing in all contests.  They cancelled the plants, and poof they won.  The OPP investigation makes it look worse.

2. Wynne’s fate: If Kathleen Wynne is still Premier on June 13th leading anything less than a majority government she’s out as Liberal Leader.  This is all or nothing for the Liberals.

3. Premier Horwath?? It could happen if Wynne leads a minority government and is forced out as party leader.  History is doomed to repeat itself; a frightening thing for those who remember what Bob Rae was like as Premier in the ’90’s.

4. Tim Hudak: If this is a personality contest he loses; people like Horwath and Wynne better.   If this is a popularity contest he stands a better chance of winning.  He needs to lean on that budget, lay out what he’d do differently and draw attention to the scandals.  If he’s still opposition leader June 13, he’s out as leader.

5. Polls: The only one that counts is on June 12.  Otherwise it’s all just noise.  A lot can happen in this 41 day campaign, and I think it’s going to be a strange one.

Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride..


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