Downtown Development One: The Civic Area

Town Hall on a Spring Day; the centre of the Civic Area

Town Hall on a Spring Day; the centre of the Civic Area

What is it? The Civic Area is the section of downtown Milton directly south of Main St, surrounding Town Hall. Landmarks include Victoria Park, the Post office, Town Hall itself, and 5 parking lots.  Streets running through this area are: King, Hugh,  Mary, and James.  In July, 2013 Milton Council approved a staff recommendation that would see a formal study done on the area’s future with a focus on how to attract, and keep people in the downtown area (retail opportunities, a city square).

Why should you care? Many people have told me one of their favourite things about Milton is the downtown; with its old buildings, it’s easy to fall in love with it.  And really there are few things better than being able to look straight down Main St and see the escarpment.  Businesses along Main have fallen on hard times with some closing, while others have changed hands.  As the town has increased in size, and more box stores have come in, it’s become a challenge for businesses to keep people coming down to Main St outside of the big events such as the Street Festival, and Cruisn’  on a Hot Summer’s Night.  Like many other towns in the same situation as Milton, we could lose the charming downtown area if we’re not careful.

Think about What is one thing that could bring you to Downtown Milton?


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