Derry Green Business Park

Location of Derry Green Business Park

Location of Derry Green Business Park

What is it?  Derry Green Business Park is a corporate business complex planned for the 401/James Snow Parkway area.  Exact boundaries are: 401/16 mile creek (North), Sixth Line (East), Sixteen Mile Creek (South), and James Snow Parkway (West). When completed it will offer 2 thousand acres of employment lands, with rail access for industrial uses.  In June, 2010 Council adopted the official planning amendment, giving the plan a go-ahead.  It’s also a part of the Halton Urban Structure Plan (HUSP)

Why should you care? Simple: Jobs.  At the moment Milton’s known as a ‘bedroom community because the majority of people who live here, work in Mississauga/Oakville/Toronto, and other parts of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).  By 2021, Derry Green Park will be responsible for the majority of the town’s employment.

Want to know more? Visit this link to the town’s website.


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