Ward Profiles: Ward One

Boundaries: North: Highway 401, South: 407/parts of Lower Base Line, East: Highway 407, West: Bell School Line.

Major Roads: James Snow, 4th Line, Britannia, and Derry.

Detailed look at Ward One

Detailed look at Ward One


Councillor: Sharon Barkley

Candidates running as of March 17, 2014: Robert Duvall, and Karen Tomsky-Chambers.  Updated lists with contact information are available as part of my candidate round-up posts.


Derry Green Business Park: This will be located in the Derry Road, and fifth line area.  According to the Town, Derry Green will be responsible for the majority of Milton’s employment growth by 2021.

Development: The largest concentration of homes in this ward are located off James Snow Parkway between Louis St. Laurent and Waldie Avenue; the rest is rural, and that will change in the next four years.

Note: To see a general map of the boundaries click here.  This link will open your PDF viewer




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