Milton Transit Explained

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Growing up in Milton, when you said Milton Transit, it referred to these big, noisy, blue striped buses carrying one or two people along the routes.  At some point it changed from regular routes to ‘dial-a-bus’ and then disappeared altogether for a while I think.

When Milton’s growth started early in the 2000’s, the question of transit popped up again. The answer came in 2004 when Milton Transit began re-establishing itself.  Ten years later, we’ve got increased routes and Saturday service.

The town’s score of 15 puts it 36th a among Canadian municipalities in a ‘walkability study’ covered in the Toronto Star .  It’s not a surprise to me. Given the history it’s going to take time to make up for the period when that service was nearly non-existent. If  in the 90’s, we’d continued building it instead of cutting back, it might have impacted the score.

And there’s also the accessibility issue.  It’s not easy for me to go from where I live along route 5,  to somewhere in the Trudeau Drive/ Derry area.  I’d have to take two buses- one from the foot of my street to the Go Station, and a second out to the area I wanted to go.  It’s counterproductive to me.  If there was a turnaround somewhere, where I could transfer easier it would be more appealing.

The broader question: How do you get out of Milton? Go Transit is the obvious answer here; but that only goes east.  And if you wanted to go to Oakville/Burlington or north to Halton Hills; that means you’re driving.  The answer to this is largely out of Milton’s hands- funding for more Go Transit is a provincial issue. The only thing we can do for Go  is to keep irritating the province and maybe something will happen.  In the meantime, there are plans for inter-regional transit in The Transit Master Plan for 2013-2017.

Ranking 36 is tough. But when compared to not even being mentioned at all, it isn’t that bad.  Especially when you take into account Milton Transit’s recent history. Council just has to take this as motivation to improve on the system.  To learn more about Milton Transit including their master plan visit their website.


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