Candidate Round-up: February 3- March 10:

A few more candidates have added their names to the list, a couple have withdrawn.

Regional Chair:  Gary Carr remains the only candidate register running for this office.

Ward 1:

Joining Robert Duvall we have:

Karen Tomosky-Chambers: One of the 25 to have spoken up for the vacant regional seat in Januray, 2014, Tomosky-Chambers can be reached by email:

Ward 2:

Joining Councillor Greg Nelson we have:

Jennifer Smith: Smith is running in her second election against Greg Nelson.  She is heavily involved in the community as one of the founders of the Milton Film Festival.  To reach Jen  email her at:  For more information on Jennifer Smith, visit her website:

Ian Thompson: Thompson ran in the 2010 municipal election.  He’s actively involved in the Italian Canadian Club (ICCM), and the Milton Heights development.  To reach Ian emaill him at:

Ward 3: Current Councillor for this area is Cindy Lunau.

Keith Hesse: This is Keith’s first municipal campaign. Previously he’s been active in provincial politics working for MPP Ted Chudleigh.  To learn more about Keith visit his website. 

Ward 4:

Rick Malboeuf: Rick has represented this ward since winning the 2010 election.  He’s known for his fiscal conservatism, and stances on transit, as well as being a vocal critic of the velodrome.  Email Rick at:

Giles vanderHolt: Giles stood for the appointment to the Regional seat in January.  He’s an active cyclist, and volunteer throughout the town of Milton.  To reach Giles email him at:

Ward 5: No candidates registered

Regional Councillor:  (wards 2,3,4,5):  Colin Best remains the only candidate registered to run for this office.

Ward 6:

Alex Anabusi: Alex stood for the appointment to the vacant seat in January.  He’s a passionate health, and social services advocate.  To learn about Alex visit his website, or email him at:,

Kashif Abrar: This is Kashif’s first municipal campaign.  To learn more visit his website.  Connect with him via facebook  or email

Ward 7:

Rick Di Lorezno: Rick has represented the voters of ward 7 since 2010.  He moderates the popular local message board: the Hawthorne Villager.  To learn more about Rick visit his website, or email him at: .

Ward 8:

Zeeshan Hamid: Zeeshan has represented the voters of Ward 8 since winning the 2010 municipal election.  He’s known for views on urban design, and transit development.  To learn more about Zeeshan visit his website, or email him:

Regional Council (wards 1,6,7 and 8)

Joining Mike Cluett on the ballot are:

Tony Lambert: Lambert first won the election in 2010 beating Brian Penman. In December 2013 he was effectively banned from council when it was found he violated the Municipal Act when he was convicted of offenses committed in October, 2013.  The ban only applies to the current council meaning he is legally allowed to run in this election.  To learn more about Tony visit his website or email him at:

Mian Abubaqr: This is Mian’s first campaign.  To learn more about him visit his website, or email,.

Halton District School Board (HDSB) Wards 2,3,4,5:

Donna Danielli: Danielli has been representing voters  on the HDSB since 2006, and was acclaimed in the 2010 campaign. She’s been working as Executive Director for the Milton Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) since 2011.  Contact her at:

Asad Naqvi: This is Naqvi’s first campaign.  Contact him by email:

HDSB 1,6,7,8:

Jaideep Kala: This is Jaideep’s first campaign; he grew up in India highly valuing education.  To learn more, visit his website or email him at:

Syed Raza:  Syed didn’t run in 2010.  Contact Syed at: for information.


Glen Marrett from Regional Council wards 1,6,7, and 8

and: Dhavinder Bhatia from the ward 8 race.


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