Wanted: Councillor, Wards 1,6,7 and 8

As of December’s council meeting Tony Lambert’s council seat representing wards 1,6,7, and 8 (south Milton) was officially declared vacant by a vote of council.  That triggered a process which resulted in Council choosing to appoint a candidate.  Those interested were invited to apply between December 19, 2013, and January 10, at 2pm.

The successful candidate will be appointed to serve until November 30, 2014 or the remainder of this term. Qualifications are that:

  • They have to be a Canadian Citizen over 18 years of age
  • They have to be a Resident of Milton
  • Not prohibited from voting or holding municipal office under any act.

24 candidates have applied for the position. At a special council meeting Monday January 20, 2014, each will be given some time to state their case, and answer questions from councillors.

Can’t make it out? Watch it on the webcast 


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