The “Centre of Milton”


Unveiling the plaque at Milton Community Park

I had a chance last week to go to the opening of the “Milton Community Park,” behind the Sports Centre at the end of Santa Maria Blvd.  There was a plaque unveiling, a ribbon cutting, and a free barbecue. Pachi the Porcupine Pan-Am Mascot made a brief appearance too.  But what caught me off guard was hearing it referred to in official remarks as the centre of town.

I’ve lived in Milton over 25 years and when I think of the centre of town, I think Main St, I think town hall, and Victoria Park.   The Park as a “centre point of town is going to take some getting used to.  I guess it’s one of the adjustments us long-term Miltonians have to make.  When we moved to Milton, there were farmers fields east of Thompson Rd, the Leisure Centre and Bishop Reading were in the middle of nowhere.  To think our house might be near the “centre of town” is a shift in thinking for us.

It’s a reflection of how much Milton has grown, and changed over the last 10-12 years.  A lot of it has been for the better; we have more stores, restaurants, and services to choose from.   But with all this growth are we losing something? Newer residents of Milton have told me they loved the small town atmosphere; how people are so friendly.  Call me old-fashioned but I think if you lose that, you lose a bit of the town’s essence. It’s the spirit of the town; I hope it remains no matter where the centre is.

The park is gorgeous, and will be a well-loved addition to the town.  To read more about the opening click the link


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