Dalton’s Testimony

Thanks to twitter I followed most of former Premier Dalton McGuinty’s testimony yesterday as he answered questions before the Justice Committee on the gas plants scandal.  I don’t buy a word of it.

McGuinty says he “didn’t have an inkling of how much it would cost” to move them.  He might not have had an exact figure.  But surely he had a ballpark… you’re talking about cancelling a business deal.  It’s nonsense to say there were no penalties built into the contracts somewhere that said: “if you cancel or move these facilities you’re going to pay us ___ dollars.”

He relied on O.P.A. (Ontario Power Authority) numbers.  I think the O.P.A. was a Liberal creation so in reality even that road leads back to the party.  It is possible they didn’t know exact figures.  But as I said before; there’s a ballpark here.

I have no indication  my office was not following the laws of Ontario,” he said of deleted emails regarding the power plants.  Doesn’t the very act of deleting emails make him look guilty? At the least it makes him look as if he has something to hide.

Add that to the fact his testimony was startlingly similar to Kathleen Wynne’s last week.  When asked about it he answered “It could be we’re both relaying the truth.”  That is possible.  It’s also possible they go to the same spin doctors, or perhaps they synchronized their stories a little?

It may have the “right thing to do” to move these power plants it still doesn’t change facts.  The timing made it look like they were buying votes; at least 6 seats were saved after they moved the power plants.   Dalton McGuinty, and Kathleen Wynne were still among the leadership in the Liberal campaign; the buck’s got to stop somewhere.  And we’re still going to be on the hook for likely$1 billion once the final number of the Oakville plant comes in.

McGuinty’s testimony took us around in a circle… no closer to a true explanation of what exactly is going on yet further away from trusting the Liberals to get on with governing.


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