The 2013 Ontario Budget

How Finance Minister Charles Sousa aka the $275 million man (cost of moving the Mississauga power plant) could stand up and presume to tell us how he’ll spend our money was ironic.  It should’ve killed the budget even before he opened his mouth.

It should’ve come from Andrea Horwath not Kathleen Wynne.  What’s with H.O.T. or H.O.V (High Occupancy Toll/vehicle lanes)?  I understood the original point of H.O.V. lanes was to encourage people to carpool, maybe take a few vehicles off the road.  Putting tolls on them does raise money, but it also defeats the original purpose in the first place.  If you’re choosing road tolls, why not go all in?

A public sector wage freeze?? I guess the Liberals have learned nothing from their recent struggles with the teaching unions.  So the Finance Minister is planning on provoking more fights with a wage freeze. That’ll end well…

Allowing low-income individuals to keep $200 before paying tax is a good idea.  But how about some love for the rest of us? We’re stuck paying ever escalating  hydro costs, health taxes, and eco fees without a break.  Most of my income ends up in lining coffers at Queen’s Park and Ottawa. And both seem to be inventing unique ways of wasting it or lose it.

From a Milton perspective there doesn’t look like much either.  Laurier has asked for funding for a campus here and I’m told there isn’t anything in the budget.  It looks like the hospital got shafted as well, while Oakville, and Vaughn are mentioned by name.  The 401 will likely be expanded through town, but that’s pretty much it.

The Liberals rolled over on this one.  I want an election; I don’t trust this bunch anymore.  The $1 billion wasted at eHealth, the criminal charges pending Ornge scandal, the power plants and the growing issue with the cancer drugs which we still don’t know the exact details behind.  It’s time for a change, or at least it’s time to air the dirty laundry maybe get rid of some.

And I have to believe Wynne wants one too.  It’s the only chance she has of climbing out from under the scandals and trying to govern.  $92 million is a lot of money, but sometimes principle has to come before money.  I hope Andrea Horwath has the guts to agree.


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