The “Transit” Election

A friend of mine asked the question on Facebook: “Why are we moving so fast on transit?” The answer I think is because Kathleen Wynne wants an election on it.  And I think she’s going to get one probably by the end of May.  She’s trying to move quickly in the hopes of trapping the opposition into calling it for her.

Wynne is likely looking at her popularity numbers thinking there’s no way for them to go but down.  The longer she waits the more comes out about the Power Plant scandal, charges could be laid in connection with Ornge by fall.  If she wants a fresh mandate  of her own then now would be the time to run a campaign.

Transit will be “the issue.”  Funding Metrolinx’s “Big Move” is the hottest topic around right now with the provincial government pushing various “revenue tools,” most notably taxes.  That suggestion has a lot more to do with the fact the province is broke, putting the money raised by those taxes  into general revenue than instead of being a “dedicated tax,” for transit.   I’d look for this in the upcoming provincial budget.  Wynne is on record as saying she would fight an election on transit.

Be careful what you wish for.  There are serious issues yet to be resolved; What exactly happened with the Cancer drugs fiasco? (curiously this has disappeared from the news), how much was given up for peace with the teachers’ unions? How much is going to be given to O.P.S.E.U.? (they’re in a strike  position at L.C.B.O. stores this summer).  The opposition will likely come back with any one of these.

A spring election is not only in Kathleen Wynne’s best interests, it also happens to be in Ontarians.  This is a tired government, it’s time to give it some rest.



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