Get your hands out of my pockets!

At least it feels like someone’s always in them; that unseen hand that sizes hold of that wad of bills and doesn’t let go.  That mysterious faceless individual known as the taxman takes a little bit for healthcare, a little more for roads, and education.

Then dives back in for some more on eco-fees.  Say what? That’s right; two years after the fees were introduced (the same day as the dreaded HST), some are going up, others are going up.  Eco-fees on televisions over 29 inches go up by about $12 (from 27.60- 39.50),  meanwhile they drop on both desktops and portable computers (to $3, and $1.50 respectively).   The new fees come into play May 1, 2013.

This comes out the same week as the Wynne government’s announcements about deals with the high school teachers (how much did we give up there?) and negotiations with the elementary teachers (how much are we going to give up there?).  And oh yes, the same time this government plays around with words like “sales tax” and “road tolls” to pay for transit.

And the worst part is they don’t even respect our money, and maybe would like to keep a bit.  Over, and over again; Ornge, eHealth O.L.G. and the Power Plants all scams all total rip offs.   There likely will be criminal charges in the Ornge scandal too within the year according to the outgoing O.P.P. Commissioner.

It’s one increase too much for me.  Get your hands out of my pocket, go through your own books, and cut some stuff , and maybe freeze some salaries.  Then come back and we’ll talk.



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