Kathleen Wynne: Can she do this?

It’s an epic task Premier Kathleen Wynne has before her.  Sworn in with her was her cabinet including supporters Eric Hoskins (Economic Development, Trade, and Employment), Glen Murray (Infrastructure & Transportation), Charles Sousa (Finance), and Deb Matthews (Health), they have to somehow navigate the waters of scandal, while bringing Ontario back to prosperity.  Can they do this?

She has inherited a government crippled by scandal, that has alienated just about every public sector union, and one that has little money left for spending.  Topping it off is an opposition that seems to be in no mood to compromise.  Can she try to make peace with the unions, and keep at least one Opposition party at one time?

I want to think that she can; I’m willing to give her a shot.  On the surface though I’m not convinced.  This version of her cabinet isn’t different enough.  Sousa at Finance should be a good fit given his background as a banker, but the questions over his involvement in moving the gas-fired power plants saving his own seat persist.  I expect him to have a target on his back when the Legislature begins sitting.

I’m surprised Matthews stays at Health.  Yes she’s tried to clear up the Ornge mess, but the whole attitude of “I was running an election campaign at the time” does her no favours.  It speaks to an attitude of irresponsibility, and for that I’d have to demote her for it.  Add to that the increasing evidence there was possibly something criminal going on at Ornge, and that would provide even more reason for demotion in my books.

Kathleen Wynne comes across as being a refreshingly genuine person, and I like that about her.  My answer to the question: Can she do this? At the moment I believe she can but only if her actions speak louder than words.



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