Maybe Mamoliti’s not as crazy as I thought

When I first heard Toronto Councilor Giorgio Mammoliti talking about secret phone calls, councillors being followed, and secret meetings I thought he was bat-crap crazy.  It was so out of left field, so completely random I thought he should be committed.

It’s possible I was wrong.  As John Tory is fond of saying nothing in politics happens by accident.  An example of that:  Rob Ford. Following his victory court last week in his conflict of interest case, came the findings of a forensic audit.  The audit found that Ford over-spent by about 3% on his election campaign or $40 thousand.  The people who initially brought the complaint, are of course going to prosecute him.  The penalties for which include.. you guessed it throwing Ford out of office.

The same guy: Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler filed the initial conflict of interest case also filed the latest forensic audit.  He’s had a history around city hall that includes time on the Library Board, and in the Mayor’s Youth Cabinet.  His website calls him a “strategic communications, and labour relations professional.”  He’s also a student at  Ryerson studying a Bachelor in Public Administration.  Chaleff-Freduenthaler also opposed many of Rob Ford’s cuts.

The lawyer involved in the forensic audit is in the same law firm as Clayton Ruby.  Ruby you’ll remember represented Paul Magder et al in the conflict of interest proceedings.  He’s now seeking leave to appeal to the Supreme Court, something that isn’t a sure thing.  One coincidence, I’ll take… two is a little more unlikely.

Rob Ford has made mistakes; there’s  no doubt of that. No doubt he’s also made enemies including Adam Vaughn, Gord Perks, and many other councillors who tend to lean left.  He’s made enemies with organized labour by outsourcing garbage collection in part of the city.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that there is someone else is behind these complaints that keep popping up and distracting the city.

It also isn’t a stretch for me to imagine there’s a bit of truth to what Mamolitti is saying.  Or he could just be crazy.


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