Milton’s Transit Insanity

I read this in the Toronto Star this morning in their G.T.A. section.  It’s an article about the Metrolinx public open house, how that agency may be in for a conversation about more than just transit according to Councilor Colin Best, and Regional Chair Gary Carr.

The saying goes: “Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.”  As a Reporter this article defines insanity for me; I’ve done stories twice in the past few years that I can remember on this same issue.  The first time I asked, they told me there was an Environmental Assessment (E.A.) was being conducted on the possibility of full-day train service.  The second time I asked about a year or so later, I was told that E.A. was on hold while they did one on the possibility of electrifying the whole system… It’s nice to see nothing’s changed at least on Metrolinx’s side of things.

Things have changed on Milton’s side though.  The town continues to grow with a population of around 100 thousand people, and a Go Station, as well as service probably better suited to a town a third that size.  The possibility of a stop along Trafalgar near t he 401 is on the Town’s books, as is the idea for a stop along Tremaine near the railway (just north of Steeles).  The town continues residential development with the Boyne survey about to implemented, and new homes going up daily… traffic on our roads is pretty gridlocked sometimes as it is right now when you add more people things just get worse.  Predictions are the numbers to rise to around 230 thousand by 2031, moving that many people around, and through this area needs decent transit.

We have plans here too.   We want an education Village featuring a Wilfrid Laurier University and Sheridan College combined campus, and have been chosen to have the Velodrome hosting cycling events for the 2015 Pan Am games. If the province expects us host a world-class event then fork it over and give us world-class transit.   The next transit story I want to cover is about Milton getting the much-talked about all-day Go Train Service.

If you want the same thing, go and tell Metrolinx that.  The information session is tonight from 6pm-8pm at the Regional Government buildings on Bronte Rd, north of the Q.E.W.  See the link for more details

Update: Regional Councillor Colin Best has arranged a public meeting with Metrolinx staff on February 20th in room 3 of the Milton Sports Centre, from 7:30-9:30 pm to discuss “The Big Move.”  Come out, and have your voice heard.


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