Dear N.H.L:

Dear N.H.L, and players.:

I would describe myself as a casual fan.  When the playoffs come along, I watch; usually because come April and May there isn’t anything else on television in Canada; three games a night from April to mid-June.  I’m usually cheering for a team  that more often than not rhymes with the Canadiens; those sad sack Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t won a Cup since before I was born, and that won’t change any time soon.

Your little lockout doesn’t really bother me as a fan.  What does bother me though is the greed in this situation.  The owners, and the players are arguing over who gets more millions.. That’s right millions.  Could we have a little bit of context here please? A lot of people are struggling to find jobs in this economy; a lot more to put food on the table.. and here are a bunch of well-dressed men making more money than most of us will see in a lifetime for playing a game.. and they want more.  And as for the length of contract; you guys argue between five a nd ten years? Nobody gets that kind of job security anymore… grow up.  Get real!  you’re lucky to have jobs in this economy.

And the owners aren’t immune from my wrath  either.  The Leafs are somehow worth $1 billion.  How did that happen?? They haven’t won a cup in over 40 years.  They’re the joke of the league, and yet nobody stops going.  It is symptomatic of the way things are done in this league; it’s about big business instead of big fans.  The way current ticket prices are right now; it’s cheaper to watch it at home or at a local restaurant than go to a game.  And the answer seems to be to raise ticket prices year over year.  How do you expect to grow the game in the smaller markets if you keep pricing tickets out of people’s income bracket?

Go jump in your millions NHL… I don’t care anymore.  You owners, and players deserve each other.


A soon-to-be former casual fan


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