Wow what a Morning!

This morning was a weird one for me.  started off as usual, breakfast, and then having coffee while checking my email etc on my laptop.  About 10am or so, as my mom sat at her desk by a front window looking out over our street and called to  my dad and I to come and watch there were police cars parked along the street.  Sure enough there were- three to my count parked in a zig-zag fashion- one directly against the curb, the second slanted with its front facing the other side of the street, the third parked the opposite direction.  We went into our living room, and watched for a few minutes.   Then a police officer came to the door asking us all to go into the basement until they came around a second time and gave the all clear.

If you were following me on twitter, you know by now that I didn’t.  Like a good reporter,  if there was news happening I wanted to try and report was going on.  I settled for staying inside, and away from the windows.  An hour goes by, nothing happening.  Finally about 11:30 or so, the ETF begin to arrive; from w here I watched I counted six- one perched at the corner of one house across the street, two in the driveway, and I caught sight of at least three approaching from the opposite  side of the court.  In chatting with my neighbours they said the parking lots by Food Basics and the medical clinic across the street were both packed with emergency vehicles.  One said there were at least four ambulances out there.

The three that approached the house crept along the street and entered the house.  Minutes later, they came out with at least one suspect put him  in an unmarked car and left.  Shortly after the all-clear was given.  I went out, and met up with my neighbour.  We stood, and watched as the police carried what looked to be several firearms out of the house.   Anyway, that’s the story of my morning.

Update 27/10/2012:  I’ve been doing some checking into some of the rumours out there about a body being found either along the creek behind the Food Basics plaza, or behind Sam Sherratt school.  Sources tell me they’re  false.


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