My Stories To Watch

We’ve got quite a week coming up in the news.  Here’s some of the stories I’ll be watching for.

1.Provincial Budget: It has to be at the top of the list. The Provincial Liberals will present their first budget as a minority government.    It’s also quite a hot story locally, as local councilors await word of Milton Hospital expansion’s fate. As the budget is financial issue, and it is a minority parliament it will be a matter of confidence.  But what will happen? Will McGuinty have enough votes to pass it? Or will the opposition decide to flex its muscle and send us to another election? Or perhaps a more interesting possibility… are we going to see history of the ’90’s repeat itself and Andrea Horwath come to the forefront (Bob Rae anyone?)?  What kind of role will Ornge play in it all?All of the drama will certainly play itself out over the next few days.

1a) In advance of tomorrow’s provincial budget Ward 3 Councilor Cindy Lunau is presenting a motion at tonight’s council meeting asking the Province to re-confirm its commitment to Milton Hospital expansion.  Its text, along with contact information for you to make your wishes known to can be seen here.  Just scroll down, it’s near the bottom.  Council meeting starts at 7pm in Chambers, or you can watch it here

2.  The Federal Budget:  We’re all being told this will be a document with modest cuts.  We know there will be changes to Old-Age Security, the pensions system.  They’ve been speaking of cuts to military spending, and the C.B.C.  There will be cuts in the civil service.  Politically it’s going to pass with a majority- no guessing games here.  But something to watch will be Thomas Mulcair’s  performance as he faces his first test the newly minted N.D.P. leader.

3.  Ontario Superior Court strikes down Prostitution law: The Ontario Superior Court has begun the process that will make prostitution legal.  The decision could potentially open the door to legal common bawdy houses, and allowing sex trade to hire body guards for example.  The federal government has one year to respond to the ruling, but both sides have indicated they want to take it to the Supreme Court of Canada, which could lengthen the process to two years.

These are just some of the stories crossing my radar.  Thoughts? Agree or disagree by all means leave a comment below.


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