How Do We Improve Downtown Milton?

Few things beat driving down Main St. Milton and seeing the escarpment ahead of me, and tall, stately buildings to either side of me.  The downtown has always had that sort of indescribable homey feeling to it. Its shops, and cafes make it a very desirable street; a draw for a many residents and tourists alike.

There is room to improve.  Mill St. should feel like a part of the downtown; whether that’s through something as simple as a  sign saying “this way to more shops/ Restaurants,” at the pass through, or finding ways to include the street in festivals and events.  Maybe find a way to make it physically part of the downtown; maybe making another little Square or something near Delacourts in a portion of the parking lots behind.

I’d love to see more variety in terms of shops. Right now Main St, is full of pubs, restuarants, and coffee shops.  I’m a huge fan of  all of those- especially coffee shops; I’d love to see more shops.  I’d use this as an opportunity to get small businesses that offer really funky, trendy stuff- clothing boutiques with designs you wouldn’t see anywhere else.  Look for places that make people say when asked: “I got that in Downtown Milton, and there’s only one store that carries it.”   A good example ofthis would be Locke St in Hamilton; there’s such an easy-going vibe there.  And it has a mixture of everything from coffee shops, and bakeries  to jewellery stores.

Pick one day outside of the Market a month and make it a car-free day.   It would be great for people just to wander up and down Main St, and get a sense of the shops down there.  It may even build some community spirit; one of the things Milton is known for.

I would definitely look for ways to incorporate the Arts Centre somehow.  It’s supposed to be a centrepiece for those entering Milton, let’s use it as one.  It’d be a great opportunity for restaurants along Main St to offer vouchers for a discount on their meals if they show their tickets (or reciepts).  

For me, Downtown Milton has always been vibrant, and friendly; and there has to be a way to keep it that way.  We just have to work on it.


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