The Royal Visit

There is nothing like seeing the country through the eyes of others.  I knew Canada was a place of unparalleled beauty and incredible contrasts.   And now the Duke, and Duchess of Cambridge know it too.  They were only here for 9 days- long enough to experience a taste of what we have to offer as a country, and re-emphasize the fact we have not only a shared history with Great Britain, but traditions and culture of our own.

They are symbols of our history as a British colony; they’ll be King and Queen here one day.  But in their visit to Ottawa, and taking part in a citizenship ceremony- and in the trip to Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.). served as silent acknowledgement that Canada has its own unique history, and traditions..  In P.E.I. they visited “Province House” where the fathers of Confederation negotiated the accord that brought Canada into being. 

In another piece of Canadiana William played street hockey in the Northwest Territories.  The only things missing from the cliche was the golden Prince scoring the winning goal on a penalty shot, and for someone to yell “car.”  They were white hatted- given white cowboy hats by the Mayor of Calgary.  What struck me watching the tour how casual it was, and at the same time it managed to combine the history, and tradition of the British Monarchy, with the uniqueness of Canada in a recipe for an incredible memory that will be talked about across the country.

This country when seen through Catherine and William’s eyes is a magnificent place full of incomparable riches (What girl doesn’t want diamonds?).  The incredible beauty, and resources of  the Northwest Territories,  to the history of Québec City, Montreal, and Prince Edward Island.  The traditions of the Stampede are something unique to Alberta.  We forget how amazing a country this is- it’s good to be reminded every so often.

So thank you William, and Catherine for showing us what a beautiful country this is.  And for reminding us of our past, while at the same time giving us a taste of the future. 


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